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The luxe box was the perfect gift idea for everything that I needed. It really gave me a stress free gifting experience. Plus it looked extremely luxurious! I would recommend this to so many people who just struggle to gift and to massive corporates who don’t want to give out just 1 thing! ❤️ it’s really incredible!

Elsabe’s passion for gifts and building this dream business is amicable.

When someone is this passionate about something you are guaranteed the results will be extra beautiful.

Maureen Grobler

I was so fortunate to be spoiled with the most exquisite gifts from The Luxe Box – I received two sets of gifts that has such attention to detail, the most magnificent products in them and made me feel extremely blessed and appreciated.  Read more here

Laura Potgieter
HR Company Solutions
Bianca Parsons
Via our Facebook Page

Elsebé thank you for the stunning boxes and the very professional service you provided.

Hylton Ackerman
Via our Facebook Page

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