Bosses often get a bad rap. Some bosses instill fear, while others induce reverence.  But the truth is Bosses are a fundamental aspect of any organisations’ structure. They provide leadership, direction. A boss can be a mentor; a friend; a parental figure or simply the reason you meet your deadlines every month.

 To celebrate Bosses Day, The Luxe Box has compiled a few gift ideas to help you show your appreciation to  your corporate leader.

 Organic, Luxury Bath Products (Soap, bath-salts)

These relaxing bath products will have your boss feeling rejuvenated, supplying enough zest to finish the year on a high. 

 Natural Organic Soy Candle

These can be used at home or in the office. The scent gives off a calming effect, creating an environment conducive for creativity.

 Handmade Leather Cosmetic Bag (personalised with name)

We all like to feel special, and a personalised item does exactly that.

 Handcrafted confectionery items (chocolates, nougat, fudge and other sweet items)

If your boss has a sweet tooth, then why not indulge them with delectable handcrafted confectionery items.

 Leather Bowtie

A bowtie can accentuate any outfit, but a leather bowtie drives home the point, whose boss.

 Craft your own gin – kit

After a long day of, well bossing people around, a personally crafted gin drink can make even a tough day that more passable. If your boss does not drink, just pretend you did not know and keep it for yourself.

 Braai Gadget

Everyone enjoys a good braai. This kit will elevate your Bosses skills, making their braai’s the stuff of watercooler conversations on Mondays.

 Men’s grooming kit

Looking the part is as equally important and sounding the part. When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we do great.

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